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Hi there! I’m so excited you’re here.

I'm Anne Johnston, founder of Created, a boutique wealth advisory. 

I’ve spoken with hundreds of people about their relationship with finance, and the same words come up over and over: Finance is “confusing,” “overwhelming” and “boring.” 

Even really smart people struggle with this, and find that they just check out in this one area of their life.

But there’s a real cost here.

When you don’t understand how money works… 

  • You’re more likely to stay at a job that isn't fulfilling.
  • Or in a relationship that’s not right for you.
  • Generally, just unable to make important decisions with clarity and confidence.

Each of these things costs you something much more precious than money: your time.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine if you had a simple decision-making framework to make financial decisions with confidence.

This course is about building a future of financial clarity and power.

Welcome to Wealth is Created.

Here’s what course participants have said…

“Pretty, intuitive, thoughtful, and clear.” -Taryn

“I loved the glossary of financial terms.” -Hannah

“The words Anne uses inspire me to think about finance in a new way.” -Britt

Wealth is Created

Wealth is Created is an engaging, inspirational, and empowering video course where you will learn how to clarify your personal vision of freedom and fulfillment and structure your resources to bring it to life. 

It’s hosted by Anne B. Johnston, Founder and Managing Director of Created, a boutique wealth advisory.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Discover how just thinking about wealth in a more holistic, multi-dimensional way can enrich your life.
  • Create a connection between having a personal, meaningful goal and using your resources to achieve that goal.
  • Design a structure for the money you have coming in and going out so you can make spending decisions with confidence.
  • Understand the main buckets of investments and how to select the right investment strategies for you based on your goals. 
  • Explore basic estate planning, insurance, and tax optimization strategies to maximize and protect your resources. 

Let's grow!

Watch a Video from the Course

Created is a boutique wealth advisory on a mission to make the world of finance clear, approachable, and beautiful. We believe that an engaging approach empowers us to take command of our finances and create free and fulfilling lives.

In this video preview of the course, we'll challenge the conventional view of wealth and explore its true meaning.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Module 1:

What is Wealth?

In the first module, we redefine wealth beyond money alone, encouraging you to explore it as a holistic, multi-dimensional experience that encompasses personal freedom and fulfillment. With a variety of introspective exercises, we help you create a detailed, exciting vision of your ideal life, establishing this vision as the guiding light for your financial decisions. By the end of this module, you'll have a transformative Wealth Vision that aligns your financial resources with the life you genuinely desire, breaking free from traditional confines of wealth perception.

Module 2:

Defining Your Resources

In Module 2, we illuminate how to utilize your resources - time, money, and relationships - to fulfill your personal vision of wealth. We explore how to prioritize and invest time wisely, harness the power of money as a tool for achieving your goals, and cultivate strong, mutually supportive relationships aligned with your vision of wealth. By understanding and effectively managing these resources, you can align your life more closely with your dreams, and create a multidimensional experience of wealth beyond just money.

Module 3:

Cash Flow

In this module, learn to take command of your finances with a cash flow structure that works. Learn how to effectively track and allocate your money using a simple bucket system that aligns with your personal vision for freedom and fulfillment. Discover the power of automation to strategically manage your income, expenses, and savings, creating the decision-making framework to bring your wealth vision to life.

Module 4:


This module introduces the concept of using investment buckets to align your financial goals. We distinguish three key buckets - Reserve, Life, and Legacy - as a strategy defined to ensure your investments and goals are aligned. The module includes guidance on allocating funds to each bucket, and suggests investment options.

Module 5:

Additional Considerations

Finally, we’ll focus on taking action and implementing your financial plans. This final module covers topics such as estate planning, insurance, and tax strategies to maximize your wealth and protect your assets. We provide an overarching summary of these important topics in order to ensure your financial plan is executed effectively, including working with professionals and continuously monitoring and adjusting your strategies as needed.

What’s Included With Your Purchase

5 modules containing bite-sized lessons that get to the heart of what you need to know

Companion Resource Downloads

Access to cash flow software that helps you manage expenses, reduce debt, increase savings, and fund important life goals

1-hour private video consultation with a member of Created Wealth Advisory (upon completing the course)

Course Breakdown

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  Module 1: What Is Wealth?
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  Module 2: Defining Your Resources
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  Module 3: Cash Flow
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  Module 4: Investments
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  Module 5: Putting It To Work
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Hi there, I’m Anne!

Founder & Managing Director of Created Wealth Advisory

I grew up in Georgia. Early on I leaned more toward the humanities: philosophy, psychology, literature. I had no interest or awareness of finance at that time. 

Then when I was at University of Southern California, I had a banking internship. I saw entrepreneurs come in with ideas they were passionate about, and bankers would sit beside them and walk them through financial strategy to bring their dreams to life.

That was the eureka moment. That’s when I woke up to a whole new possibility and perspective about finance.

I started to see money as a means to an end, and not the end in and of itself.


“Numbers are a creative and interesting medium,” I thought.

And, “Finance is a tool to bring dreams to life!”

I spent the next 12 years at a traditional wealth management firm.

During that time I noticed: many people experience finance as overwhelming, confusing and boring. I remember sitting in a meeting with a veteran advisor in my early years.

At the beginning of the meeting, the client would be presented with a thick stack of financial reports, and within moments the advisor would launch into a 20-minute soliloquy about the history of interest rates, emerging market valuations, the Fed 🤦‍♀️ - and within about 10 seconds I’d see the client check out. 

This was a truly tragic moment because I could see in the client's eyes - to them, it seemed like finance was confusing, overwhelming and boring – and just like that, they had checked out of their own financial life. And then 20 minutes later when the advisor came up for air they’d ask, “Any questions?” And the client who was just bombarded, now exhausted, might dare to ask a follow up question to be polite, but they might not, because they know that if they did they may have to hear that whole thing again 😳  This is a common dynamic in the industry: The financial advisor as an oracle in a 1-way conversation - forecasting the future and then telling you what to do. 

So I founded Created to embrace a more modern holistic approach. We believe that a modern approach to wealth management must begin with a clear understanding of what true wealth looks like, to you.

Attendees of Anne’s programs say…

“There were a lot of ah-ha moments for me. ” -Christine

“This experience was extremely valuable, and powerful.” -Katie

“This was unlike anything I have ever done. Anne takes the shame out of engaging with money.” -Madison

Begin your journey to

financial clarity and confidence

100% 30 Day Stress Free Guarantee. If within 30 days you are not completely overjoyed by what you find inside, just ask and we'll give you a full refund.

No recommendations are provided or intended to be provided during this course. The course is designed as a starting point for you to identify important values in your life and their relationship to your financial wellbeing.